Mustang Short Throw Shifters

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X-SPEC Shifter

See installation videos below for detailed step-by-step shifter install instructions.

Throw Options

Standard? X-SPEC? Which one to choose?! This short video shows you the different options for this shifter so you can choose the right performance option for your car.

Installation Video

Complete Installation

Updated for 2016 — compact design saves you at least 30 minutes over the older model.

Click below to watch our NEW video which covers the entire process from console removal to shifter install to complete installation in your car.

MT-82 Equipped
GT / BOSS 302 / V6 Mustangs
Race Spec Short Throw Shifter

Finally a no-compromises short throw shifter that can not only handle the toughest rigors of competition racing, but also posses excellent street manners for your daily driver. Starting with a clean sheet, the RACE SPEC shifter from MGW now solid mounts to the transmission via billet strut arms and features a solid linkage rod connecting the shifter to the transmission giving a true "top loader" feel in every shift!


Updated Design for 2016 — we've listened and heard your feedback on our MT-82's, and so we've made several design changes to satisfy the most performance-hungry enthusiast. The new design is more compact and will fit inside the car's oval cutout, fully assembled; no more bashing your knuckles trying to get the the unit installed. This shaves at least 30 minutes off the install time and is great whether you're doing it at home or having it done at a performance shop. The shifter may be more compact, but it's still got every bit of performance you've come to expect from our high-quality race spec shifters!

Check out the videos below for more detail.


X-SPEC Shifter

We've gotten many requests to build a shifter with an even MORE drastic throw reduction, and we've listened! If you need the shortest throw possible, then choose the X-SPEC model, with up to a 25% reduction in shift length possible over the stock shifter. We've also added a Low Profile handle option, which can be used with either the Standard or X-SPEC model shifter for even greater throw reduction.


Standard Standard 3.000 in. 15%
Standard Low Profile 2.835 in. 19%
X-SPEC Standard 2.765 in. 21%
X-SPEC Low Profile 2.625 in. 25%


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Add-On Item

Extra Deluxe Jam Nut w/ Wrench
Extra Deluxe Jam Nut w/ Wrench
@ $12/each
Please note: this nut is INCLUDED with all MGW Classic Shift Balls. If you are buying a shift ball from us you DO NOT need to buy a separate jam nut, we will send you one in the box.

Shift Knobs

Add style and comfort to any shifter with one of our high-quality shift knobs.

Whether you're looking style, performance, or both, we've got what you're looking for.

Simple style, racing comfort.

Simple black & white style for a classic look and feel. Comes with deluxe chromed jam nut for a great look & solid grip.

Plain gearshift pattern, MGW Brand, and Officially Licensed Logos available.

Classic Round Knobs

More Detail >

Extreme comfort in the palm of your hand.

Complement your race-spec shifter with a knob built to match. These grippers weigh in at over ½ pound each!

  • Aggressive No-slip Grip Texture
  • 3D embossed 2-tone chromed emblems
  • Added weight gives sturdy feel
  • Simple installation

Standard Gripper


Officially Licensed Logo


Simple black & white style for a classic look and feel.

  • Includes deluxe chromed jam nut & wrench.
  • Solid construction and exact fit.
  • All knobs include gearshift pattern.
  • Optional MGW Branding, or Officially Licensed Logo

Gear Pattern Only Shift Ball

Includes deluxe jam nut & wrench


MGW Logo Shift Ball

Includes deluxe jam nut & wrench


Officially Licensed Logo Ball

Includes deluxe jam nut & wrench


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Attention C7 Owners!

The C7s require a slightly modified install versus what's presented in the video. Please read the note below before proceeding. Click watch video below to play the video.

PLEASE NOTE: At the three minute mark in the video, we instruct you to remove the trim panel by starting from the front and working your way to the back. To avoid damaging the trim panel hook clip on the C7s, you must start from the BACK, carefully working your way to the front. DO NOT remove the C7 trim by starting from the front! Doing so will damage the clip!

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MGW currently manufactures the best short throw shifters for Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs. We design and manufacture all of our components in house and only sell direct to the customer, giving you the highest quality products for the best possible price.